Indecent liberties lawyer Fairfax Virginia

A sex crime is increasing day by day these days especially in the USA. It not only effects the child’s mental health but also ruin his life. The child may lose his self confidence and unable to cope up with different situations coming in his life. One of the serious sexual crime that criminals do with the innocent children is the indecent liberties. The crime involves the exposure of private parts to the child to fulfill sexual desires.

When you charge a person with indecent liberties it is important to take liberties in presence of the child. This is because the victimized child will never lie and will able to describe the incidence properly. According to Fairfax Virginia law, the person is charged with indecent liberties when the person of age 18 and above commits a sexual crime with the child of fifteen years and less. The criminal is considered the guilty of class 5 felony. He exposes his genital parts in front of the person to whom he is not married not concerned.

Punishment and charges

The criminal is also charged with indecent liberties if he forces the child to touch or fondle his own private body parts. Convincing a child for intercourse, fellation and antilingus also come under this shameful offense. Persuading and alluring a child to move in such house, room or vehicle is also the subsection of this crime.

The criminal will be charged the prison as well as the heavy duty fine according to laws of Fairfax Virginia. Punishment may vary from 1 to 20 years and the fine may be up to $100,000. The punishment and fine are based on the severity of the crime.

Hire a lawyer to get justice

If you see someone charged with indecent liberties with a child, it is important to call an attorney. The legal advisor will study the reality as well as a whole incidence to provide justice. In Fairfax, Virginia SRIS group of law have a number of legal advisors who take sex crime cases and resolve the issues. Our expert advisors study deeply all the facts and figures related to the case to satisfy the client. They do not rely on the single statement for the search for a witness to identify the reality of the case.

As soon as someone gets victimized it is the duty of the guardians to immediately contact to police as well as hire a lawyer to solve the issue in short time. This is because it is easy for the lawyer to study case properly. He advises taking some medical reports to prove the intercourse act with the innocent child as well as in case of any injury present at any part of the body.

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