Class 5 Felony Virginia Punishment

If you are in Virginia, then you should know about the law in the state. You should know about the various punishments for different convictions. For example, if you are over speeding, it may be a class 1 misdemeanor or a felony. The charges that you receive or the penalty that you have to pay depends on the discretion of the judge. It is why; you should know the various laws and punishments. In Virginia, there are a total of six classes of felonies. The most serious conviction is a class 1 felony, and the least serious conviction is the class 6. Each crime has a different conviction. For example, the class 5 felony is when the court convicts someone of assault and aggravated assault, drug charges, hit and run charges, domestic violence, and possession, bribery, killing an animal, larceny and wilful neglect. Every state in the US has a different way to put charges on a person who is guilty of class five felonies. You will be surprised to know that there are a few states which do not even have this felony. No matter what, a felony is a serious crime.

Punishment for class 5 felony in Virginia

A felony is a crime for which you can go to jail for more than one year or even death. The class of five felonies is also serious offenses. The punishment ranges from a period of one day to ten years in jail. The judge will also put a fine of a maximum of $2500. A person may receive both the punishments, i.e. go to jail and have to pay the fine. The person who is facing charges may only have to receive one punishment. The judge decides what punishment to give to the individual. The judge makes his decision based on the criminal record, current conviction and seriousness of the current crime.

Difference in punishment

If the judge treats the class 5 felony as a misdemeanor, it can result in punishment from one year to five years in prison.  It the judge convicts the crime as a felony the criminal will have to spend ten years in jail. Hiring a lawyer can help you reduce the punishment. It is why most people who are facing charges hire expert criminal lawyers for the purpose.

Other consequences

Besides the punishment in jail or fine, the person may also have to face other consequences. For example, if the class 5 felony is for driving under the influence. The person will go to jail and pay the fine. Moreover, the state will also update his criminal record. The court may order him not to vote. The company may fire him from work. The state may not allow him to drive for the next year. The state may also suspend the license of the individual. These are all additional punishments which a person receives a class 5 felony in Virginia. Make sure that you know all these laws, conviction charges and punishments.