Aggravated sexual battery Fairfax Virginia

The aggravated sexual battery is the shameful crime and usually heavy penalties are assessed in different states of USA. The sexual touching, rape and forceful sexual conduct all comes in the category of aggravated sexual battery. Displaying of weapons during this act or sex with a child also comes under this category. If a child and even teen consent to this act, this will be considered as a crime. If the doctor finds a girl pregnant and the person is not her spouse than it’s a duty of the doctor to inform police about all matter.

The child or a girl facing the force full sexual act than she must file a case in police and get a justice it is important to hire a legal advisor. Each lawyer practice according to the law of the state. The lawyers from the Fairfax Virginia practice according to Virginia sexual law and make a case according to that. If you are in hunt of an attorney for this situation you ca consult to Law offices of SRIS P.C. containing team of capable lawyers to help you in this situation.

Defenses and charges against the aggravated sexual battery

According to the law code § 18.2-67.3 of Virginia, the accused will be the guilty of aggravated sexual battery if the complaining person is less than 13years of the age. The charges are also applied to the parents, grandparents or step grand parent committed this offense with a child of 13 years or above but less than 18 years. The accused got the serious body or mental injury.

According to Virginia law, the criminal will get the punishment of one to twenty years and may have to pay fine up to $100,000. Felony between 5 years and life imprison may be charged to the criminals. Additional penalties are also applied if someone does rape child younger than 13 years. The person will be charged with prison for 25 years or for whole life depending on the severity of the crime.

Virginia law named it as statutory charge when the victim age is less then the Virginia Age of consent, even of the victim has involvement in sexual activities with the defendant.

How to contact defense lawyer

Law offices of SRIS P.C. has a team of professional lawyers who can handle aggravated sexual battery Fairfax Virginia cases efficiently. The lawyers study the case properly and make the file according to the case. It is important to guide them about the whole incidence. You can discuss all matter confidently in our office or via telephone. Don’t be shy about explaining the whole matter as our efficient lawyer will definitely prove you innocent and you will get justice.

Our legal advisor searches for the proper witness as well as make a medical document from the doctor to prove the case. He tries to make case simple and the criminal gets the severe punishment for his shameful act.

If you are in the hunt for justice in Fairfax Virginia contact our lawyers and we assure you the best services so that criminals can reach the end.